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In March, Green Routes was presented with an award by the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society for its work in taking forward horticulture in Scotland. This photograph shows Sam Ridley and Marjorie Martin, on behalf of all of us, receiving the award from George Anderson of Beechgrove Garden fame at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. We were especially delighted to be the first group to be chosen, recognition going in the past solely to individuals.

 P1030319 Award

Our students have been busy preparing a new “cut flower” bed so hopefully lots of cut flowers for sale this year. Some credit is due to Bramble and Willow who did a sterling job turning this bed over at the end of last year and are now in the lower orchard tackling the knotweed.

The good news is that Willow is expecting, and will give birth in the middle of December!


Lambing has been a long drawn out affair this year. Dahlia our first time mum was first with twins on Thursday 2nd May and  Mathilda then surprised us with triplets on the following Saturday – our first set of triplets! Last of all Barbara produced two lovely lambs on the 25th June – nearly eight weeks after Dahlia’s lambs.


We took on two orphan lambs – sadly Fern died but Poppy has become a real favourite wandering around the garden – and helping Margaret in the office! She is now learning to be a sheep up in the field with the others

 P1040141 Poppy

This year we decided not to do pallet gardens but to start preparing for a show garden at next year’s Garden Scotland. Students visited the garden show to look at this year’s entries and have been tasked with coming up with ideas.

P1040001 JimRiach

A foraging workshop with Jim Riach from Intrepid Scotland taught us  that we could eat most of the weeds growing in our garden. Could weeding become a thing of the past?

Our employability project continues with eight of our students having the opportunity for work experience thanks to the local businesses and people willing to offer this opportunities.

Thank you to Wallace and St Modan’s High Schools

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