Green Routes is a social enterprise and charity established to provide high quality training and work experience to young adults with learning disabilities, which takes place in an organically managed community garden situated within the grounds of Gartmore House near Aberfoyle. The focus of the training is horticulture and through this our students develop confidence, self esteem and a track record of experience and achievement.

We encourage social inclusion through participation and offer a diverse range of volunteering opportunities in a supportive environment. Our amazing team of volunteers and students working together have brought a disused and neglected walled garden back to life.

Visit us or phone to find out more about our Routes to Work project and how you can volunteer to support our students in a variety of work placements, or use the link below. Drop in for a chat - if you can spare a couple of hours a week for six weeks you could make a huge difference to a young person’s life.

Several volunteers have been offered training to act as mentors and role models for individual and groups of students, while others help in the running of the Green Routes Project as members of its Board of Management.


Volunteering Opportunities

Green Routes offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities from participating in a community garden to mentoring our young students. The garden provides year round interest and varied activities allowing people to contribute according to their particular skills and interests.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Working in the garden
  • Mentoring our students
  • Helping with routine administration
  • Publicity
  • Art and craft work
  • Catering at our volunteering days
  • Fundraising
  • Selling our produce at local events
  • Woodworking

What  Can Volunteering At Green Routes Offer You?

Volunteering at green Routes offers you the chance to:

  • Get involved in an exciting project
  • Meet new people
  • Feel part of a team
  • Use your existing skills and learn new ones
  • Gain a sense of achievement and fulfilment
  • Make a difference to people’s  lives

If you are interested in becoming a Green Routes volunteer or you would like more information, or you would like to visit the garden, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

Becoming A Member Or Friend Of Green Routes

You can also support Green Routes by becoming a member or friend. Members and friends receive regular news about the garden as well as other benefits. Members can attend the Green Routes AGM and apply for election to its Board of Management. If you are interested in becoming a member or friend of Green Routes or you would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch or register online .

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